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Bandos tassets and bandos chestplate
White partyhat(Only one)$2599.99
Green partyhat$1599.99
Zaryte bow$2.37
Bandos chestplate$1.59
Off-hand Dragon Claw and Bandos Godsword$1.59
seismic singularity$29.56
Saradomin godsword$2.01
Santa hat and armadyl godsword$123.14
Emberkeen boots$7.82
Flarefrost boots$6.79
Hailfire boots$11.48
ascension crossbow$17.99
off-hand ascension crossbow$17.99
santa hat and Dragonfire shield$123.44
Off-hand Dragon Claw and Dragon pickaxe$2.08
Dragon full helm$2.09
Dragon chainbody$1.02
Dragon platebody$1.22
Half full wine jug$951.15
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